It’s Never Too Early 

As a parent, you want to ensure every penny saved for your child gets put to good use. But where to start? It’s all too common for basic financial literacy and responsibility to be left out of school curriculum. Teaching this crucial, lifelong skill is a family job – a job that many of us don’t feel ready to tackle. Without a solid foundation and healthy relationship with money, our children are at real risk of the negative impacts of mismanaged money.

What is My Learning Ledger?


My Learning Ledger is a kid-friendly workbook that’s redefining the way children learn to manage their money.  This Ledger, when used with a family allowance system, teaches your child banking terms, money management, and real-life math skills in a fun and engaging way!

Each Ledger includes:

  • A glossary of financial-related terms (phrased so kids can easily understand each one)
  • Ledger pages for tracking earning and spending activity
  • Several interactive activities to further develop money management skills.

About-Photo-2Behind the Ledger

Founder Stephanie Johnson understood the value of a dollar before she even learned how to write. Her parents set her up with a ledger early on to keep track of her $1 a week allowance, a tool that helped her develop accountability and good money habits that she’s carried with her ever since. My Learning Ledger is the result of a thoughtful combination of Stephanie’s own successes and collaboration with teachers and parents, created especially for kids with a mix of structure and fun.

Community Movements 

We believe every child should be given the tools to reach his or her full potential. Through every ledger purchased, a portion of the proceeds go to support local school programs. To learn more about partnering with My Learning Ledger and supporting your local school, email us!


My Learning Ledger will team up with your business and school to help promote financial success. We are able to revise the classic booklet format to meet your needs on colors, logos, prices, and more. To learn more about partnering with My Learning Ledger and supporting your local school or business, email us!


Our Mission

To instill fiscal responsibility in today’s youth.