Welcome Advisors!

You’ve come this far – it’s time to invest in a tool that will provide REAL value to your clients!

My Learning Ledger is an easy-to-follow allowance booklet that helps parents work with their children to learn financial basics.

Each Ledger includes:

  • A glossary of financial-related terms (tailor-made so that kids can easily understand each one)
  • Ledger pages for tracking earning and spending activity
  • Several interactive activities to further develop money management skills.

We, the creators of My Learning Ledger, set out with one goal: to instill financial literacy in today’s youth.

We have found a great deal of success by partnering with you, the financial advisor. By sharing the Ledger with your client, you are engaging their children and taking the first step to ensure their family’s money is in capable hands for the future.

Who better to trust with imparting financial responsibility to our children than those who we turn for our own financial futures?

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