Stephanie took the basis of her hand-made ledger that she used while growing up and created My Learning Ledger. With a thoughtful combination of personal input as well as collaboration with teachers and parents, Stephanie was able to create this tool for kids with an intentional mix of structure and fun. Not only did Stephanie’s ledger teach her basic lessons that she has carried with her throughout life, but it has been a cherished keepsake item!
My Learning Ledger was created for children between the ages of 5-12 years old. However, the earlier you can instill the importance of monetary responsibility the better! We believe that once your child has the ability to do basic arithmetic, introduce My Learning Ledger with basic concepts of financial transactions.
If you choose to give your children an allowance, the next questions is, how much? There are many different ways this can be determined. Some people suggest giving 50 cents for each year of age per week. With this method, a 5-year-old would get $2.50 per week. Some adults start by going to their child and asking what amount works for them. You might be surprised what they say – a dollar a week might seem like a lot for them! Youngsters are often content with any amount of money, so don’t be scared to start low!
We get it – you’re busy! How are you supposed to keep up with a new task that needs to be completed every Sunday? Well here’s the good news: My Learning Ledger keeps track of the day allowance is given. Say you are on a vacation one week, have a soccer tournament the next, and just forget the week after. When you do have time to sit down with your children and give their allowance, you will have the exact date they last received it.
Preschool: Connection between money and things
Kindergarteners: Counting money
First Graders: Identify connection between money and work
Second Graders: Making spending decisions
Third Graders: Making a plan, start a budget
Fourth Graders: Investing your money for future wants/needs
Fifth Graders: Family income (careers)
Sixth Graders: Mixed economies
Seventh Graders: Types of incomes (hourly, salary, commission, etc.)
Eighth Graders: Hello working world
Three – Four: Place napkins on the table, fill the cat or dog’s food dish, put their toys away, and help sort laundry into different colors
Five – Seven: Fold towels and other laundry, dust, put dishes in dishwasher and empty it, and water flowers
Eight – Ten: Clear the kitchen table, vacuum, take out the garbage, bring in the mail, rake leaves, and make their beds
Eleven – Thirteen: Do the laundry, wash dishes, mow the lawn, help prepare meals, wash cars, clean bathrooms, and babysit younger siblings
Older Teens: Balance home chores while earning money outside the home
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